Portrait of Albert Einstein

Posted on Thursday, January 24th, 2013 at 10:26 PM

Albert EinsteinSometimes when I think of some great men and women of the past, or people who inspire me, I just wonder why I never made a portrait of them yet. So here it is, first of a (I hope) long series of “absolute celebrities”, the portrait of Albert Einstein.

It would have been easier to portray him when he was older, his features were more recognizable for sure and even a few mistakes wouldn’t compromise likeness too much. But since my bad character makes me choose every time the harder way, I decided to portray a younger Einstein, when he was already famous, but not an icon yet, but “just” a physicist. And yet a so great one.

After a few more realistic experiments, and something more sketchy, I got back to my beloved cross hatching. And to the portrait art. I like to use old photos as a reference, because of that particular mood and the final picture looks somewhat more classical.
If you wish to watch the time lapsed how-to video, you can find it as usual on my YouTube channel. Why under the “how-to” category? ALAS! YouTube still didn’t create a Visual Art category!! What shall a poor visual craftsman do?


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