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I actually live on the web. My real name, age, and nationality are not a big mystery, they are just not relevant.

The Drawing Hands Project was born August 2010. At that time, there were a few of my videos posted on YouTube and a few pictures on DeviantART. As the pictures and videos increased, I started to post them all over the net. The fans kept coming, which made me happy that my drawings were at last appreciated around the world! Now, my YouTube videos and pictures number more than 200.

I like drawing and painting, modeling and designing, either using traditional or digital media. I do not claim to be an artist; I am more a visual craftsman. I hold tradition in high esteem, I like to look at the great masters of the past, but I do not like to copy their works, and honestly maybe I just can't do it. Indeed, I consider their lesson as a good starting point.
I like to take into consideration different perspectives, I am not afraid to change my mind and I respect people who do so, when they are honestly seeking for the truth.

I never focus on style or on mediums. I create my artworks with pencil on paper or using a tablet and a computer. I never strive to amaze the audience, but I try my best to do a good job (and nevertheless I am never completely satisfied). I concentrate myself on what I have to say and then I try to use the best words I can. I use graphite on common paper: in my opinion, even very humble means can convey great messages.
Whether I will succeed in that or not, time will say. After all, what is important about this long journey, is that I love it.


Nowadays the artist faces with new and difficult challenges.

Ironically, after a whole century in which the artists wiggled out of the need to please the customer, often tied to an oppressive view of tradition, after having the opportunity to literally unleash their creativity, we are still talking about starving artists, hardly managing to work free from that new and even more dangerous tyrant that we call the market.

Moreover, the accelerating speed of communication increases the need of producing something that immediately catches the attention, sometimes to the detriment of the depth and intensity of the message.
If digital media can help to achieve amazing results, working with traditional ones might seem a no-go right from the start. And from a certain point of view that's true. On the other side, whether we call it customer or market, tradition or trend, we should not repeat the same mistake of those artists who just aimed at pleasing someone or doing something because ”that's the way it works” now.
Being free from any constraint, we can also stop worrying about creating our own style. My master used to say: “Do not seek for your own style or you won't find it ever. You don't create a style. It will happen to you to have your own”. After all, he was right. The others will recognise us for our personal way to see and portray things. And in the end we will create works which really belong to us, which truly resemble our personality.

About technique, I really do what I like and I use the medium that helps me to achieve the desired result. Traditional or digital, it really doesn't matter: I like to see my pencil creating shapes on a simple printer paper, and I love to use digital media to add music and movement to that process. The final video is the artwork itself, along with the drawing. It's not a simple how-to tutorial, in spite of the how-to and style YouTube category (Google apparently never took into consideration the rant of all artists asking for a Visual Arts one). Why paper and pencil? Because it's the simplest and cheapest way. And because after many years, it really has no secrets for me. This does not mean that it's simple; in fact, I am never completely satisfied of my works. But I try to do my best. And some good music can help it being better appreciated. For that purpose, I prefer non-mainstream artists: honest and talented musicians that I choose because I have to seek for their music and not because I find it on the radio add a very satisfactory touch to the artwork.

I am aware of the fact that what I do could not be widely seen and also be forgotten quickly. I would like to be able to slow down the communication frenzy instead of running after it, but I honestly don't know if it is even possible nowadays. Anyway, I prefer to keep on doing my job: as I said, my commitment is to do it the best I can.
When teaching, I prefer not to make a list of procedures to be followed in order to create some specific work, but to show an approach that would make people able to improve their techniques and widen their sight, while following their own personal way. A slightly longer process, that’s true, but results are way more solid.

I personally consider the web presence an integrating part of being an artist in the XXI century.

Being those on YouTube, Facebook and DeviantArt my main accounts, I am trying to exploit other channels as well, even if it is a time-consuming activity. I am also working on a new series of tutorials and drawing lessons, either on video or PDF printable version, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, you can find my old video tutorials on YouTube, grouped into two categories: Drawing Lessons (more focused on concepts and on my approach to drawing, along with some examples and exercises) and Drawing Tutorials (in a more how-to video style).

Many profiles are still under construction or not maintained since quite a long time. I'm working on updating them, please be patient, I promise I will make you able to find there useful resources and materials. Of course, if you have specific requests you can write me using the form provided here or contacting me through my Facebook page or Facebook profile.